Hi! My name is Nicole Ellingson + I own Maverick, along with my husband, Ryan. We have been blessed with four beautiful littles, our Mini Mavs, who we raise in the lake country of Central Minnesota. We spend our free time enjoying our surroundings of woods and lakes as a family when we are not working towards our Maverick goals.  

My career started with years of working retail/boutiques, and after some time I decided I wanted to start my own.  I love seeing the excitement shown when someone feels confident and beautiful in the perfect outfit! Shortly after having our third child, I decided to leave my position at a local retailer and stay home with my littles. Missing the joy, clothing, and strong sense of helping, I took my passion online! Six months into that adventure, we were presented with the opportunity to open a physical location in the small town we call home - Pequot Lakes. We have since become a family business, with Ryan leaving his full-time job to assist at our store.  

We have been fortunate enough to be able to give back to our local community in a multitude of ways - whether that be through our in-store donation drives or creating silent auction baskets benefiting local families + organizations in our area.

We named this boutique Maverick for two reasons - ONE: Maverick means "an independent-minded person" or "original", and I want you to be able to discover your own inner maverick. Create your own style, follow your own rules! Reason number TWO: Our angel baby born sleeping, Maverick, and this is our dedication to her.

I hope you find all that you are looking for here, and am so excited for you to be a part of our journey! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram @liveyourmaverick.

-Nicole Ellingson
Owner, Maverick

Read more about our brick-and-mortar opening here and with our wonderful Pequot Lakes Community Action organization!